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 Customisable branded designs on your kiosks

• Provides a better experience for customers waiting or shopping

• Delivers effective advertising and useful information to customers

 Visually appealing

 Organises waiting lines, creating a better customer experience and more relaxed atmosphere.

 Reduces the perceived waiting time and improves the level of service.

• Provides performance and service level data analysis, helping managers streamline the customer service and reduce operation costs.

Upgrade your existing kiosks today and we'll also remove your existing kiosks and responsibly recycle them.

DC-01_600 250bDesktop Kiosk or Wall Kiosk

  • Small, silent yet powerful with the latest Intel i3 CPU and Fast DDR3 Ram
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • 18.5” Touch Screen with the latest touch screen capabilities 
  • Landscape or Portrait mode with 180 rotation
  • Custom VKP80III Thermal Ticket Printer
  • Additional features and modifications available



kioskNew 22” Standing Kiosk

  • Sleek standing kiosk with 22" Touch Screen PC and full HD display
  • Best-in-class Projected Capacitive Touch - Multi touch (like an iPhone)
  • Latest Intel i3 CPU, 4GB Ram, 120GB SSD and Windows 10 compatible
  • Performance Design with large roll handling and storage
  • Custom VKP80III Thermal Ticket Printer
  • Interchangeable Facia Design
  • Additional features available