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TOPIC 1: Queue Management

Join NEXA and UK-based guest host Simon Pearson as we reveal best practice queue management strategies and showcase Q-Flow® capabilities.Whether you already have a queue management system or are considering implementing one, this 45-minute webinar will give you insights to help improve your customers’ waiting experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the negative impact of queuing on your organisation
  •  First In First Out methodologies to reduce wait times
  •  How to manage load balancing and priorities in multi-service environments
  •  Why decentralising the waiting experience is beneficial for you and your customers


Every day, everywhere in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter.

The magic behind SNSW is that we have the human interface on the frontline and really smart data behind the scenes.
Victor Dominello, Minister of Customer Service

NEXA always delivered on their promises and in many cases exceeded expectations.
Ben Oxford, Curtin Connect Project Lead

The NEXA project team were extremely insightful and understood both our clinical and technical requirements.

Informatics and Data Manager, Prince of Wales Hospital