Patient interactions with healthcare services have changed dramatically over the past decade with the advancements in technology and shifting patient expectations. As a result, the design and delivery of healthcare services need to put patients at the centre of their journey.

Join Katie Bowden, NEXA’s Service Design and Delivery Director, for an insightful 40-minute webinar "Human-Centred Service Design in Healthcare: Placing patients at the centre of the journey". She'll explore:

  • The foundational principles of service design and how these can be applied in healthcare to improve existing services or create new ones.

  • The changing role of the patient in the delivery of service.

  • Real-life case examples from recent projects undertaken at large healthcare providers in Australia.

Key takeaways:

  • What is service design and why is it important for healthcare providers?

  • The 5 principles of service design

  • A simple 4 step process to implementing service design methodology in healthcare

  • Recent examples of human-centred service design in action

Who should attend?

If you work in a healthcare organisation and are interested in improving your patient experience then don’t miss this webinar.

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It’s not just the technology tools we’re providing but it’s the people and implementing those tools, which we see as one of the great parts of our success.
Glenn King, Services NSW

The NEXA project team were extremely insightful and understood both our clinical and technical requirements.
Informatics and Data Manager, Prince of Wales Hospital

NEXA always delivered on their promises and in many cases exceeded expectations.
Ben Oxford, Curtin Connect Project Lead