What does the end of life mean to me?
It means that Q-nomy are no longer going to supply service packs, dot releases or any other enhancement for the version 5.x series. This does not mean that you need to upgrade today! NEXA will continue to support you on your day-to-day operation of the Q-Flow system under your current support and maintenance contract. NEXA does recommend however over the next 12 months that all customers upgrade to the latest version 6 product.

What's the big deal?
Over time, software solutions are enhanced and leverage new technologies to support new features within the product. This means that upgrades to servers and Windows PC's may prove incompatible with the older version of Q-Flow. If this happens Q-nomy will only write service packs or a dot release for version 6 or newer releases.

Are there Licence implications?
If you remain using version 5.x series and you have all the licences you need, then there is no immediate need to upgrade. If however you are using Q-Flow v5.x and require more licences or users or the need for a new module, then you will need to purchase these prior to mid-2019 or upgrade before purchasing additional licences. Once version 5.x reaches its end of life we will be unable to purchase further licensing for the 5.x series.

Is there a cost to upgrade?
The new version 6 series licensing is made available to customers on a current support and maintenance contract at no additional cost. NEXA will however have to perform the upgrade of the software and modules and will charge accordingly to perform the upgrade.

What are the benefits to upgrading?
There are many benefits to upgrading to the version 6 series including a new and refreshed user interface, access to new modules such as Q-Flow Connect (Notifications Engine), Online Forms, Business Process Management along with enhanced features to existing modules.

Should I upgrade?

Ultimately the choice is yours, however NEXA does recommend all customers not on our new version 6 series to upgrade over the next 12 months. As mentioned this is not urgent, and NEXA will continue to support you under your current support and maintenance contract until you choose to upgrade.


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