Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital is introducing NEXA’s Q-Flow solution to its specialist outpatients’ eye and hand clinics to improve patient flow and reduce manual administrative practices.

The solution, with funding provided by the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation and Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital, will include self-check in kiosks and Medicare online patient validation along with opting in for SMS notifications. From September 26, all outpatients can self-check-in using Medicare swipe technologies for instant card validation, while at the same time confirming patient demographical information is up to date in multiple integrated systems.

Jennie Barry, General Manager, Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital, said: “This is the first step for Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital’s Q-Flow technology integration. It is intended to provide person centred care helping patients pre clinic attendance and on arrival.

’Patient Opinion’ feedback consistently highlights communication and waiting times as areas for improvement and we’re pleased to be rolling out a series of kiosks that patients may use to register their arrival.”

The initiative aims to streamline the patient journey and eliminate patient queues with patients able to select SMS notifications to advise them when to proceed to their clinic.

Sydney-Eye-Hospital-Check-in-226x300Demand for Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital services is increasing, with outpatient numbers anticipated to grow 25% by 2031 from 122,451 patients in 2020/2021. The Q-Flow system will meet this demand in improving communication with patients in the busy department.

The patient flow management system was made possible with support from Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation donors.

Linda Fagan, Chief Executive, Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation said, “Time is precious and, as demand for services increase, we recognise the need to assist the hospital in managing appointments to meet community expectations.

“We’re thrilled to have assisted the busy outpatients’ department with improved signage and this technology as part of our commitment to enhancing patient experience at Sydney Eye,” Linda added.

You can read the original article from Sydney Eye Hospital here.