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The fundamentals of queue management

ebook mockup 2018Even though the average human being will spend 6 months of their life waiting in queues, the waiting experience is generally described as ‘frustrating, annoying, demoralizing and time consuming’.

Poorly managed queues can negatively impact your customer experience, staff productivity and ultimately your organisation’s profitability. In this free eBook we explore the principles of queue management and how to streamline the waiting experience and control your customer flow. We also explore the psychological impact of waiting on your customers and reveal 7 tips on how to reduce wait times.

If you are interested in:

  • Reducing customer wait times
  • Controlling the flow of customers in your service centre
  • Understanding how to improve your customer experience
  • Creating a productive work environment for your staff

Download our free eBook today and transform your waiting experience. 



Every day, everywhere in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter.

Using NEXA's customer flow management system means we can really change our service, get more out of digital, make it easier and faster for our customer, ensuring that we’re creating a great customer experience that drives value, and efficiency for the broader economy.
Glenn King, CEO Services NSW

NEXA always delivered on their promises and in many cases exceeded expectations.
Ben Oxford, Curtin Connect Project Lead

The NEXA project team were extremely insightful and understood both our clinical and technical requirements.

 Katie Bowden, Informatics and Data Manager, Prince of Wales Hospital