It's important keep the conversation going on how we can transform healthcare for the better.  Our Service Design and Delivery Director, Katie Bowden, delves deep into the critical aspects of healthcare that often go unnoticed, in the episode "Why Patient Experience is overlooked in Healthcare" on the CX Insider podcast.

In this episode Katie talks about patient journeys within the healthcare industry, as well as exploring the importance of service design for improving the patient experience. She brings her expertise to the table, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities in improving patient experience. 

Watch it below, or take a listen here:



00:00 - Intro

00:57 - Meet Katie

03:35 - NEXA + Katies Role

05:23 - Negative Patient Experience Stories

12:08 - Why is patient experience overlooked?

17:20 - Service design

22:07 - Pure efficiency within service design

24:12 - Importance of collaboration

25:55 - Future of healthcare technology

28:12 - Artificial Intelligence usage

30:04 - Outro

30:30 - Quick-fire questions