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08 March 2022 - A WA Health app, Manage My Care, is making it easier for Western Australians to manage and track public health outpatient appointments and referrals.

With the initial pilot program taking place early 2020, Manage My Care is now available at all metropolitan public hospitals as well as most public hospitals in country regions, and is currently being used by more than 49,000 West Australians.

The success of the app will see Manage My Care available for use across the whole of WA within the next few months.

By integrating with a key hospital administration system, Manage My Care provides transparency of outpatient care for both patients and carers with the aim to increase communication, streamline the patient experience and provide an intuitive digital platform to manage outpatient appointments.

Patients and carers who sign up to Manage My Care receive digital notifications when a new appointment is made, and when any changes are made to previously booked appointments. Users can then view key appointment information including date, times, location, and service delivery mode, and are provided with instructions on how to reschedule their appointment, if needed.

Users can also view and update their contact information and, for some specialities, request to confirm or reschedule their appointment or discharge their referral, all in line with current clinical business rules. Users will also be able to access a directory of FAQs such as what do I bring to my appointment. 

By placing outpatient appointment information conveniently in the hands of patients and their carers, Manage My Care aims to reduce the number of patients failing to attend appointments by increasing their awareness of upcoming appointments and giving them a contemporary option to track and manage their own outpatient care.

Manage My Care can be downloaded as a free app from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting the HealthyWA website.

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