NEXA provides ongoing consulting and support services to assist clients in embedding desired behaviours and processes to achieve their results over the long term. We also conduct regular meetings with key stakeholders and if required, annual reviews to assess the overall performance where recommendations are provided to address any areas that require improvement.

The comprehensive Support Services include: 

  • 1st and 2nd line Help Desk and Fault Identification
  • 3rd line fault investigation (on site)
  • Fault Resolution
  • Software Deployment of New Releases and Fixes
The NEXA help desk and specialised hardware engineers are accustomed to the specific requirements of support and installation within your environment. Read more about our support team members here

Call +61 (02) 8383 3888 or fill out the form to request a support ticket, or click here to order supplies.



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It’s not just the technology tools we’re providing but it’s the people and implementing those tools, which we see as one of the great parts of our success.
Glenn King, Services NSW

The NEXA project team were extremely insightful and understood both our clinical and technical requirements.
Informatics and Data Manager, Prince of Wales Hospital

NEXA always delivered on their promises and in many cases exceeded expectations.
Ben Oxford, Curtin Connect Project Lead